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Friday 1st April 2022

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

In this guide, we’re going through some of the best horse racing betting sites. That doesn’t necessarily just mean bookmakers. To meet the needs of a variety of different gamblers, there are so many different betting websites out there, including some that offer tips, some that offer gambling background information and special offers, and some that offer a chance to watch the races. 

Irish Luck

Irish Luck provides a great deal of information about the Irish horse racing scene, such as upcoming meets, bookmakers you can use and what the different types of markets for gambling on horse racing mean.

If you’re an absolute newcomer and you’re going to be heading to one of your first racing events, then there is even a big glossary of terms on Irish Luck to help you understand the gambling language and what it means in relation to horses.

A lot of people are very involved in horse racing, so there are plenty of tips when it comes to form and different ways to gamble. Learning a lot about it can be a good way to start, and with Irish Luck, all the information is right there in front of you. 

Racing Better

Racing Better gives you loads of coverage on the UK gambling and horse racing scene, so you can arm yourself with the best possible information. You even have the chance to watch and learn about previous meets and fully understand the form.

They’ve even got a section for equine art and gifts for those who want to decorate their home in an equine design.

Racing Better is perfect for keeping updated with what’s happening regarding specific events and the racing calendar.


The Tote offers a different way to bet. It’s been a popular way of betting for nearly 100 years and involves pool betting. You can enjoy the Tote betting option as an alternative method to fixed odds which are offered by the majority of bookies.

The stake of every player in the tote goes into one big pool. When the race has an outcome, they take their percentage for running the actual business, and there is also a percentage given to racing organisations in the UK.

Then the remaining money is paid back to the winners. As this doesn’t involve odds in the same way as other bookies, you can receive better payouts. There are some unique types of bets too, such as the Scoop 6 bet that is used for Saturday meets.

Tote has modernised a lot in recent years, and there are some horse racing gambling platforms where you can even use the Tote without visiting their site.


Bet365 has an unbelievable number of options when it comes to betting on horse racing, and while it is a good idea to shop around for the best prices, Bet365 is often the first site, or one of the first sites, to give a price for some markets. You might get in there early and check out the odds a day or so in advance.

The site also offers some extra each-way options for betting, so some of the events that don’t usually offer value might be a bit more exciting.

ITV race meets are also sometimes broadcast on the app, so you can watch along or take advantage of some promotions or offers. The site has also been known to give its punters free bet offers for some of the biggest race meets.

Telegraph Betting

Yes, we’re talking about that Telegraph, the newspaper. Ok, so it is not strictly a gambling site in the same way as a bookmaker’s site or a website that is totally dedicated to gambling, but the Telegraph has a team of good journalists, and a great section for betting news and information.

For horse racing and other sports, they offer previews and even some tips on the outcome of future fixtures and meets. The journalists are usually great and there’s a lot to be learned on the site.


People who get increasingly involved in horse racing and betting on horse racing tend to have their own preferences for sites. The key is that you’re finding plenty of information and that you arm yourself with bonuses and good odds before a meet.

Horse racing is more fun if you know what’s going on, and if you know the best betting sites.