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Wednesday 20th April 2022

How to Bet On Horse Racing Online

From the beginning of time, people have been placing bets on one particular thing or activity or the other. When it comes to sporting activities, one of the oldest sporting events that people still place their bets on, even until this day, is horse racing. This is because of the excitement that comes after winning your prediction on a horse performance.

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Among bettors, horse racing still remains one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting. Even at that, placing bets on horse racing is not known by a lot of people. The following is a step by step process on how to place a bet and win on a horse racing event.

  1. Sign up On a Betting Site:

The first thing to do when you want to place a bet on a horse racing event is to sign up on one of the best horse racing betting sites. Look at the reviews of each betting site and the rewards they give to their customers and then choose the one that you think is best for you. Betway, Bet365, and Betfair are some of the betting platforms that you can bet on horse racing.

  1. Know The Horse Form:

The form of a horse matters a lot to whether you win a bet you placed on a horse racing or not. One of the ways of looking into the form of the horses in the race is to check their previous performance. If the horse you want to bet on has been failing to make it to the cross line first for the last five games, and there is a horse in the race that has made it to the Cross line three times in the last outing, place your bet on the latter. Don't place your hope on a horse, rather bet on them depending on the performance.

  1. Trainer:

The person that handles the horse you want to place your bet on in a horse racing matters a lot. This is because you should compare it to car racing, the person behind the wheel of the car is one of the major determinants to whether one wins a race or not. Applying this to a horse, place your bet on someone who has vast experience in handling horses and has a past record of winning races in top competitions or at least in that competition. When you place your bet on a good horse and the trainer is also experienced, you have a better chance of winning the bet that you placed.

  1. Check The State of the Track:

One of the things that beginners in horse racing betting don't know is that the track on which the horse racing is taking place also plays a part in the event. A horse that won a race when the track was dry, may not win the race when the track is wet and muddy. So you have to study the track that the race is going to take place in and pick out the horse that has been performing better in such conditions. Even when the horse that performs better in such conditions is not the favorite of the spectators, you can still win the race.

  1. The distance:

Check the distance of the race and relate it back to the horse that you want to place your bet on. For instance, if the horse you placed your bet on is built for speed and the distance for the race is long distance, it is recommended that you change the horse to the one that has more stamina as it has more chance of winning long distance races.


There is no sure way of betting in a horse race but there are some factors that when put into consideration can help you win the bet you placed. Considering the distances, having the form of the horse in mind, checking out the trainer if the horse, checking the track for the race, are some of the step by step guides on how to place your bet on a horse racing.

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