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Monday 9th May 2022

Games To Play When There's No Horse Racing

No matter what the reason, there are times when there is simply no horse racing available to watch or wager on. Here are some of the best alternatives as noted and mentioned by those who love the track and the horses, as a fantastic way to keep yourself entertained when there’s no horse racing.

The online casino

The online casino platforms that are now so freely available present a great alternative to the races or watching and following the horses. Often it is the same platforms that offer both the horse racing betting as well as the usual casino tables games, slots and more. The best way to get started is to look for a site such as that has a cogent list of all the highly rated casinos in your geographic area. This way you will have all your choices in one place and at one time, saving you time in the selection process.

Competitive computer games

The competitive gaming sector or E-sports has become a massive business, gaining huge revenues from the advertising and marketing perspective, the professional wages and winnings and the numbers that are now watching these sports. It’s a fantastic genre to get involved with and whether you intend to simply log in and watch the next Dota 2 World Championship or to start taking part in FIFA tournaments yourself, there is no time like the present, especially if there’s no horse racing on.

Virtual horse racing

Virtual horse racing was a trend that become increasingly popular during the covid pandemic when there was no live horse racing and the sport had reached an all-time low. The virtual horseracing aspect or sector thus blossomed and has remained in existence and is a prime activity to switch to when you know that there’s no real live time horse racing going on anywhere near you or that you can access online. It will also vary in terms of whether you play for real money or not, depending on the specific platform or site, so pay attention in the selection process to find what works best for you and your horse racing budget.

Read and research the latest hot picks

If there’s no racing on, the best advice is to prepare for its return. Read the latest form books and research the various stables and horses that you may be interested to follow as soon as the break from the track ends. Keep in mind that horse racing is a global pastime and as such you will be able to read and research a number of different tracks, races and the odds of the horses /jockeys likely to ride at upcoming races. Such research and reading could even become a hobby in itself.

Horse racing is an extremely specific pastime, and for many resolute followers there is nothing better than doing the research, placing a wager and then watching the race to see what transpires with the horse that you’ve chosen. It is thus exceedingly difficult to replace the hobby, but the activities mentioned in this article will definitely go a long way to adding excitement and providing a range of alternative activities to keep you entertained and involved when there are no actual horse races to watch.