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Thursday 19th May 2022

Horse Racing: The Classic in Sports Betting

horse racing

For almost 100 years, betting on horse races has been a particularly popular type of bet. The bookmakers have long since adapted to this, as horse betting is now offered by the bookies almost as frequently as soccer betting. In the meantime, it is also possible to place bets with many online bookmakers and experience the racing action with spectacular live bets - digitalization makes a lot of things possible. But in order to be successful when betting on horses, there are a few things you should keep in mind. At slots by you can find reputable providers where you can also place the one or other horse bet.

The long tradition of horse betting

Strictly speaking, the tradition of horse betting dates back to ancient times. Even there, bets were placed. The fact that the passion for gambling, which has existed since time immemorial, has now spread to the Internet is simply a logical consequence and in keeping with the spirit of the times. In 2008 alone, more than 115 billion US dollars were spent on horse racing bets.

Horse racing betting and the different variants

Horse racing is basically divided into gallop and trotting races. In the USA as well as in Europe, trotting races are particularly popular. In these races, the jockeys do not sit on the horse, but on the sulky, i.e. a single-axle carriage. Usually trotting races take place over a medium distance. The distance in short and regular races is between 1600 and 2300 meters.

In terms of sports betting, most laymen think of gallop races, those races where the jockey sits on the horse's back. This is the classic, where the start is automatic from the box. These races take place without obstacles and there are also different distances. These are the so-called flat races.

But in the gallop races, there is still a distinction between the flyer race and the stayer race. The flying race is a jumping race, which is held over a distance of 1000 meters. The distances in classic stand-up races extend over almost 3400 meters. However, there are also countries where the distance measures 4800 meters. For this reason, race distance is one of the most important criteria for sports bettors. While some horses are excellent sprinters, others excel in endurance. This applies for example to the standing horses, they show their performance exclusively on long distances. On short distances they usually have no chance.

But the condition of the race track is also an important criterion. A distinction is made here between race courses that are exclusively grassy, yet others are rather sandy or even spongy. Sports bettors must therefore also be aware of which horse copes particularly well with which surface.

The racing classes in horse racing betting

In horse racing, it would be boring for the spectator and the sports bettor alike if experienced and inexperienced horses started in the same race. For this reason, different racing classes have been introduced for horse racing. Depending on the country, these differ slightly.

Only particularly good horses start in the equalization class 1.

Correspondingly, horses with a lower performance level start in the equalization class IV. Since the classes have been introduced, it can be assumed within a class that the horses competing have a similar performance level. This both ensures that horse racing is fairer, and of course, it also raises the excitement of betting. So if you want to place a horse bet, you should look into the different racing classes.

The classic: the win bet

Of course, you can also place a bet on the winner of a horse race. As a rule, there is very rarely a clear favorite, which is why the odds are very high for win bets.

Minimize the risk of betting

Especially for laymen, the win bet is often too risky at the beginning. However, there are other ways to place a bet on horse racing. One possibility is, for example, the place bet. With this bet, you only bet that the horse will finish in the top three places. The beauty of place bets is that they basically very often lead to success. In this area, there are many betting fans who take advantage of the high odds to experience the special thrill and fun of gambling.

Another option is the twin place bet, here two horses are selected that belong to the supposed favorites. Here you bet that both horses will get a place on the podium. In other words, the bettor assumes that two out of three horses will end up on the winner's podium.

The fact is that betting on horse races provides a lot of excitement and fun, as well as lucrative odds. Horse betting has become just as popular as soccer betting and can also be done just as effortlessly with an online bookmaker. The possibility of placing live bets also provides an additional thrill.

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