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Sunday 22nd May 2022

How Quick Can You Make Money With Matched Betting?


Well, for the uninitiated into the beautiful world of betting, Matched Betting refers to one form of betting where a punter is assured of making profits that are free from risks, just by utilizing offers provided by bookmakers. Over the years, we have been asked several times, 'How much can one realize from matched betting?' but having provided answers, more questions are asked which can take the form of "How much do you think I can realize? ' or' How much is guaranteed for me in my first three months?

Once we reveal the figures to their perturbed minds, they usually go out excited as one would never believe a huge sum of money can be realized from just doing basic things. Thus, how quickly you can realize money from matched betting to a large extent depends on lots of factors which we will highlight in the course of this article. Just as is common with any money-yielding venture across the world, you have a huge chance of making bigger money if you invest huge sums too. 

Thus, when we were asked the minimum one should start with, we always recommend £100. This amount will be used in betting with an online bookmaker and thereafter, through an exchange platform, it can be laid off. You can convert the £100 to £120 once you are done with signing up. It can take a few days before it materializes but within ten minutes, you can be done with the required work. 

As you ascend to subsequent sign-ups, £120 can increase to £140 but after signing up a few more times, you would get to the position where you can sign-up lots repeatedly at the same time. Thus, after fulfilling the sign-ups required, you should boast of a minimum of £500 in your coffers. 

As juicy as the above sounds/looks, you should note that it is an estimated figure and as such, a lot of factors can make your experience different. This could range from 

  • How much are you willing to start with? 

  • The time you are willing to devote 

  • What are the offers of your bookmaker? 

  • What are your chances of making mistakes among others? 

If on the other hand, you are starting with £400 or bigger amounts, then it would be easier as you can process a huge amount of sign-ups immediately after you start. Thus, you can easily go through different offers provided by many platforms such as Oddsmonk. We highly recommend that you choose a site that before the day starts, outlines supplies or offers to assist its punters. Thus, we would advise you against going through the freeway as you would probably come across offers and profits that are the incredibly low. We have garnered over 8 years of experience in this niche, thus, you should trust our world and go for the website we recommend. Making profits with the margin of £800 - £ 200 is very attainable as some of our students have exceeded the £2000 benchmark in the first month of starting. 

When I started, my profit was in the range of £1350 during the month he started. This figure was huge then but presently, it is just average when compared to prices people have realized in not so distant past. Thus, if you start this investment, with like £500 this year, our target before the expiration of 12 months is £7,000 but it is dependent on if you are willing to work hard the motto here is: Your gain multiplies as your hard work multiplies. 

Now let us highlight some factors that influence hi quick you can realize profit :

What Is Your History of Betting? 

This is an important question that must be answered as one factor that prevented me from realizing more profits was because of the numerous accounts I created in my betting journey. 

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What Is Your Fate If You Have Registered With Plenty of Bookmakers? 

This is no issue as I signed with nearly twenty bookmakers' websites till a friend introduced me to the goldmine–matched betting. The reason for my success is that I utilized offers made at the introductory stages for bets offered for free which I am certain, you probably have done the same. 

I was also a habitual gambler, though I never considered it a problem, upon casting my mind back now, I should not have towed that path because I spent seemingly small amounts on lots of sports but cumulatively, it was huge money. Thus, if you have registered with some bookmakers, you will not be affected much, save what you would have gained after signing up. 

The good side however to signing up with plenty of bookmakers is that you have that professional punter outlook when you jump from one exciting offer to reloading. You are still guaranteed to realize up to £750, whether or not you have registered with plenty of bookmakers. Do not think you have registered with all bookmakers as that is impossible. I thought the same having registered with about 20 bookmakers but presently, I have signed with over 50 bookmakers, most of whom I never knew existed till I embarked on the journey of matched betting. 

What Time Should You Invest Before Realizing Profit? 


Truthfully, you do not have to invest a lot as a mere 30 minutes invested consistently per day can reward you with £150 - £450 profit before the month ends. If you then upgrade to one hour per day, then you can access huge funds. However, just to prevent you from touring the whole Internet, Oddsmonkey compiled them, thus just signing up and enjoying your largesse. 


To an extent, the amount you invest can determine how quickly your coffers are filled but that is not definite as you can within two months be on the same page as gurus in the matched betting niche. If you consider all the factors we have outlined above and implement them, it will only be a matter of time before you start buying yachts and islands across the world.