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Monday 23rd May 2022

Horse Betting in Bitcoin Casino UK

One of the varieties in bitcoin casino for UK players is betting on horse racing. For fans of crypto betting, this isn’t a popular choice, but amid the general growth of online gambling even this sport gaining popularity. In this article, we’ll describe the main features and specifics of equestrian sports, as well as tell about the types of bets available in bitcoin casinos for this sport.

Bitcoin Casino for UK Players

Features of betting on horse racing

Horse racing is a part of equestrian sport in which two or more horses compete. This is the oldest discipline, its essence was to find out which horse would be faster and more enduring. Even before the advent of bitcoin casino UK, viewers were arguing when betting on this sport. Now the global market for discipline exceeds 200 billion dollars, and most bookmakers offer to bet on the races online.

In order to be successful in betting on horse racing, you have to remember the following rules:

  • There are no clear favorites in this sport. In the race line, bettors will not meet low quotes, even the strongest horse is not valued at odds below 2.0.
  • In equestrian sports, even minor details are taken into account. On the website of the UK bitcoin casino they give all the information about the upcoming race - the temperature at the hippodrome, wind speed, even about the pedigree of the horse and its owner.
  • In horse racing, you should not use the martingale strategy. This technique is extremely popular when betting on other bitcoin casino games, but in this case better to refuse it.
  • Before placing a bet, you must study the arrival map. As a rule, such information can also be found on the bitcoin casino UK website itself. However, if the check-in program is not available in the selected bookmaker, it can be found on specialized resources.

Types of bets on horse racing

In horse racing, there are rules according to which the winner is determined. Based on this, bitcoin casino UK offer various betting options for horse racing:

  • for the victory of the horse in the race (win);
  • bet on the first or second place of a horse in a race with an exact indication of the place at the finish (place);
  • bet on the first or second place of a horse in a race without specifying the exact place at the finish line (quiniela);
  • the first second or third place of the horse in the race (show);
  • for two horses that win two races (double);
  • bet on horses that will win four races (double-double);
  • bet on the winners of all races (simultaneously), when the winnings from the first bet are automatically placed on the second bet, etc.

Horse racing betting - strategy for beginners

In order to correctly and profitably bet on horse racing, you need to carefully analyze the upcoming events. Study the favorites of the race and try to find information about the health of the horse you are going to bet on.

Also, you need to view the statistics of the latest races with the participation of your horse. This information will be a fundamental factor in your choice. If you have chosen the bookmaker correctly and analyzed the situation in advance, then betting on horse races can lead to a good profit.

How to choose bitcoin casino for UK players

For a stable game on bets, you need to choose a good bitcoin casino. Pay attention to the main criteria: the level of coefficients, the availability of bonuses and Russian-language support, line width, etc. An important factor in the choice is also the reputation of the casino.


Before registering at Bitcoin casino United Kingdom, you should make sure that it has a license, at least offshore. This will allow you to select reputable companies that value their reputation. Information about the availability of a license is usually indicated in the footer of the site or in the "about us" section.


In this aspect, bitcoin casino UK is especially superior to regular bookmakers, offering countless bonuses. Most international companies are limited to 2-3 promotions. Classic bookmakers that accept cryptocurrency offer a more impressive list of rewards, which includes free bets and loyalty programs.

Favorable odds

Margin dependent, i.e. casino commission, which is enclosed in quotes. Due to it, the owners of the gambling site make a profit, regardless of the outcome of the matches. The margin is calculated using the formula (100/K1+ 100/K2 +100/K3) -100, where K (1,2,3) are the odds within one selection, for example P1, X and P2.

Through the long-term game, such a difference in quotes has a significant impact on the final profit of the player. Therefore, before making the next bet, we recommend calculating the margin and finding the most favorable odds for the event of interest.

Support service

First of all, the number of ways to communicate with operators should be taken into account. Top bitcoin casino for UK players offer several options at once:

  • messengers;
  • social media;
  • Email;
  • online chat on the site, etc.

To check the quality of the support service, you can ask the operators a question. It is important to evaluate not only the speed, but also the relevance of the answer, i.e. how comprehensive and helpful it was.