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Wednesday 22nd June 2022

The Entertainment Must-Haves for A Day at The Races

Whether you're going to the actual racetrack, popping down to the local betting shop, or just watching the races online from the comfort of your own home, there are a few must-haves to make this a truly pleasurable entertainment option.

The background reading

You need to have been able to have done your research and read about who's running and who's hot and who's not. There are a number of great websites, and will be one specific to the races you intend to watch and the horses and jockeys that you follow. Don't rush to subscribe until you are sure that they provide genuine and independent reviews and an up-to-date assessment of the races.

An online gaming option

The races are always running, but it has been proven that a different entertainment option for a while is a great way to take the mind off the last race or even just take a break for a while over the races you're not interested in.

Have a mobile device with the games that you like, a few hands of poker over lunch, or some slots found using the reviews at the best online casinos in Australia, the games need to be easily accessible, and ones that you know will be calming and yet still provide a break from the races.

Independent Commentary

It is always useful and much more fun to have some independent race commentary to listen to. Whether this is accessed from a streaming radio site on your smart mobile phone or on a battery-powered digital radio. Just make sure that there is no lag time so that the race that you're watching is the self-same one they are commentating on. This provides an additional level of immersion for the races and is also a good way to get insider tips and advice for the next races.

A Screen

Being able to watch re-runs of the race finish at close quarters rather than having to stretch to see it on the big screen at the track is always a bonus on the day. Simply have the race that's running on your mobile device and watch the finish of the races you're involved in as many times as you want. It is thus recommended to take a smart connected screen with you to the track. Don't feel that it is over the top because it will genuinely improve your horse race-watching experience.

Going to the races is a great day out, and all of us love being there, but there are those moments when we wish we had something else to do or had a better view or a different take on the race were watching. It is all possible as discussed above, and will go a long way to making the most of the day and enjoying it to the maximum. Plan ahead and ensure that you have an internet connection and data to allow you to use the tech all day.