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Monday 13th June 2022

Quinella or Exacta - Which Bet Type to Choose?

Horse racing is one of the oldest wagering traditions. Centuries of punters placing bets on this equestrian sport have led to a wide variety of betting options and, therefore, terminology coming into existence. This includes wager types such as exacta, trifecta, superfecta, and more. Although having many markets to pick from is most certainly appreciated because it ensures that horse betting continues to be entertaining, it can also pose a problem for newcomers to the racing scene.

The exacta and quinella bet types, in particular, are the first exotic bets you will come across once you graduate from ordinary straight bets. They are very similar to one another, and although getting used to the intricacies surrounding them can be challenging, it will not take long for you to become an expert at placing such bets.

Quinella Betting Explained

Essentially, a quinella involves betting on an outcome where two specific horses are going to be in first and second place. The order is irrelevant here, making the quinella a fairly simple and relatively safe bet to place. You should keep in mind, however, that this safety comes at a cost: the payouts for quinella bets are not all that impressive. If you are seeking something that will result in more lucrative winnings, there are better options you could opt for. 

Exacta Betting Explained

An exacta is not much different from a quinella bet. Here, too, you place a stake on the two horses which you believe will finish first and second in a race. As suggested by the term, though, the order matters in this case.

Let us say you wish to wager on horse C and horse E to win. If your bet is to win, then horse C must be first, and it will then be followed by horse E. Any other outcome will result in your wager losing. As troubling as this may sound, the higher payout does compensate for the added difficulty. 

How to Pick Between a Quinella Bet and an Exacta Bet

On the surface, choosing between an exacta and a quinella is simple. If you prefer to play it safe and place a smaller stake with less risk involved, then quinella is the way to go. The exacta, on the other hand, is a valid and often better alternative for punters who are seeking a more thrilling betting experience or a larger payout. Bettors who prefer exacta bets also tend to be more experienced and confident in their skills and ability to choose potential winners.

Although the above logic is sound, there are other variables you could consider. For instance, you could give boxing a try. We are not referring to the famous violent sport, but to the practice of covering all possible outcomes of a bet. For exactas, this means that the order of victory is no longer relevant, essentially turning it into a quinella with a higher stake. Boxed quinellas, on the other hand, allow you to pick numerous horses to place first or second. Here, too, the stake is increased based on the possible outcomes. In other words, a boxed quinella with three selections will demand a $4 stake.

Something else that should always be factored into your decisions is the odds of the bets you are eyeing. If you are a cautious punter, for example, but you see that an exacta’s odds are far better than a quinella bet, then going with the exacta could be the better choice in the situation in question. In addition, data analysis will also be important if you wish to take wagering on horse racing to the next level as opposed to it remaining a purely recreational hobby.

There is a lot that will need to be considered when you place your exacta or quinella bets, and with time, you will learn to better wager according to what is up your alley.