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Tuesday 5th July 2022

How Technology and the Internet are Changing Traditional Horse Racing

Horse racing and the associated culture, events and the lifestyle around the sport have been ongoing and developing for over 4,000 years. Horse racing is regarded as one of the oldest and noblest of sports. It is, however, also a sport that has moved with the times, and because of this, it will be important to know and understand the changes that are happening in the sport based on the rise of mobile technology and online entertainment.

Horse racing is increasingly accessible

You can now find horse racing on most of the online casino platforms, and yes, it is primarily the casino games like the fast-paced slots and exciting live tables that bring in the players, but having horse racing also adds to the overall experience. Furthermore, there is just so much more information, advice and support available online for those interested in the sport of horse racing, allowing more beginners to have a go.

More horse racing platforms are now online, and as aforementioned, many of the big online and mobile gaming providers also offer some form of horse racing. The internet has simply opened up the sport, and from watching live races to streaming and betting on the major races around the world, horse racing is more available to watch and interact with than ever before.

The rise of virtual racing

Although virtual racing has been going on since the early 1990s, modern technology and internet improvements have simply improved this offering dramatically. There are now numerous websites and online platforms that offer virtual horse racing; several of the big betting firms offer the opportunity to choose a horse in virtual races and even have several known tracks where these races occur. The graphics are great, and the horses run pretty much all the time. You can also hire a venue and use a virtual horse racing app or platform to watch and bet on the races as a form of team-building exercise or night out for you and yours; it's a personalised way to watch some races and have a good time and all online and virtually.

There has also been a number of online horse racing games where you can buy, breed, and train your own racehorse and engage in the races in the game.

Big data and racing

Horse training and preparation is a great deal more professional and scientific, and there is a lot more data to analyse in terms of looking to make improvements in performance. Maintaining horse health and fitness are much easier to track and monitor using the latest technology in conjunction with big, historical data.

The internet now allows you to search and find as much information as you need to make competent betting decisions on any horse. All the previous results, current form and the rider stats are easily available and sometimes all in one place, your mobile phone.

The internet has allowed for immense changes in some of the most traditional of sports. Some of these changes are good, and some not so good; however, the mainstay of the argument in this article is that change is always occurring, and even the most noble of sports is seeing several major changes, and several more are arguably still to come.