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Thursday 28th July 2022
The Influence of Horse Racing in Britain

Horse racing is an old and proud sport, dating back to the 12th century when English knights brought Arab horses to English shores from the crusades. Since then the sport has become an important part of British identity. But why is horse racing so important?

The sport of horse racing is generally thought to be quite posh. Most spectators are of a certain class. It is even said to be the Queen’s most favourite sport. However, horse racing is still a big part of British identity and has had an enormous influence on the world of sport of today.

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Horse racing and betting

In modern times, horse racing may not be the most popular sport in the world. That honour goes to football. Still, horse racing has had a huge influence on modern sports. Horse racing was the first sport to include sports betting, an activity which is very popular today. The tradition of betting on the outcome of a sport has evolved from horse racing to most other sports in the world. Football, in particular, is a very popular sport to bet on. In America, for instance, the tradition of sports betting has found its way into college football where fans can make their college football picks against the spread. It is becoming more and more normal to include sports betting in the experience of watching sport, not just in America but across the world. It is considered to be a part of the spectator experience, something which can heighten the experience of watching a match.

The Queen’s most favourite sport

Although horse racing has had a huge influence on sports of today due to the popularity of sports betting. The sport of horse racing remains a sport associated with the upper class. This may be because horse racing has long been supported by the royal family. It is even said to be the Queen’s most favourite sport. However, this doesn’t mean that the sport is solely for the royal family and people from the upper class. You can experience one of the oldest sports in Britain at The Royal Ascot race which is among the biggest horse races in the UK.

A part of the national identity

The history of horse racing is very old and long. Needless to say, horse racing is a part of British identity and will surely continue to play an important part, even though other sports such as football and rugby attract bigger crowds.