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Friday 26th August 2022

Top Hobbies For Horse Racing Fans

Horse racing is a unique and exciting sport to be involved in. The excitement of a race meet is like nothing else, and the joy of seeing your favourite horse win a race brings millions back to the sport time and time again.

If you’re massively into horse racing, there’s an international calendar to keep you hooked regularly, and there’s likely to be some sort of event to follow on any given day of the week.

With that said, there are times when you’ll need to think about something other than horse racing. Here are some other hobbies to sink your teeth into for moments when the sport is taking a pause and there’s not much going on.

Casino gaming

Casino gaming is a fantastic hobby for horse racing enthusiasts and has a lot of shared similarities. For example, there’s a lot of betting that’s involved in horse racing, and the satisfaction of backing the right horse can be replicated in many casino games.

Plus, many online casinos also have their own sports betting sections where you can bet on horses. There’s a lot of overlap between the two hobbies, making it a great activity to do when there’s little horse racing. To find the best online casino to try, check out casino roo.

Read up on horses

The world surrounding horse racing is deep, and there’s a lot of specialist information and history to discover. If there’s no racing going on but you still want to somewhat engage in the sport, you can read books and articles about past races, famous jockeys and more. This can help you surround yourself more with the sport, making you more informed.

You could also try learning about horses in general and better understand each breed, how they’re bred, and interesting facts like that. It could help give you the edge when it comes to race week.

Watch equestrian 

If you’re into horse racing, there’s a good chance that you fell into the sport because of your admiration of horses. If this is the case, there are other horse-based sports that you can start to watch, including equestrian.

In this sport, horses have to navigate an obstacle course with their rider. Viewed as a more elegant sport, it has its merit and can be a more relaxing option to enjoy.

If you’re also feeling really brave, you could give equestrian a try. The sport is a lot more welcoming, and you can easily get started by first riding horses and then learning how to jump with them.


It can be easy to get laser-focused on horse racing and not want to deviate and engage with anything else. The issue is that horse racing events are not infinite, and there will be lulls during the racing calendar when nothing is going on.

To help you fill the gap, try these closely related yet unique activities to help you pass the time and fill your day with something different and exciting.