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Tuesday 30th August 2022
How to Overcome Five Common Essay Writing Problems

Although academic writing is one of the fundamental assignments college students will have to deal with, most learners lack the necessary skills, competence, and knowledge it takes to create a coherent and consistent paper. According to the reviews, students face the most different problems working on their projects. A considerable number of learners face procrastination issue, which is triggered by the inability to succeed with the undertaking. Others feel demotivated as they keep failing every single time they try to cope with the project independently.

Is there an effective way out? Well, there is always a chance to make essay writing an appealing experience you will like. First of all, it is indispensable to mention an opportunity to get professional assistance with daunting problems. You should only detect one of the most reputable and appreciated essay writing platforms and entrust your academic prosperity to qualified writers. At this point, one should remember that the number of scam services is increasing, so it is not recommended to order from a random service. Instead, take your time to analyze the available services, read the Ivy panda review, learn the specifications of the available options and make sure it is the exact company you have been looking for.

Do you want to use the assistance of professional writers only in emergency instances? Then you will have to challenge yourself to advance writing competence and learn new skills that will draw you closer to the desired results.

Believe it or not, you are not alone with your struggles, so here are the five most common problems students face and the possible ways to deal with them. Follow the guidelines if you want to advance your writing skills to a completely new level and become a pro student.


This is one of the most critical problems for college students. Unfortunately, most learners have problems with formatting style and citations, which lead to a high level of plagiarism. Additionally, some learners choose to take advantage of sample papers available online and use their parts in their essays. However, you should never do so if you want your essay to be relevant and credible.

How is it possible to deal with the problem? Discover some of the most common citation styles to know how to properly cite the sources of information used in the paper. Besides, if you want to use a compelling example you have found in somebody’s work, you should paraphrase it before including it in the paper.

Time Management Problems

Essay writing is a time-consuming undertaking, so you should have enough time to analyze the topic, do research, deal with the bulk of collected data and create a well-structured paper. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of learners lack their precious time, as they have poor time management habits. As a result, they procrastinate a lot, are always late with the assignment submission, and never have the energy for completion of the projects.

The best way to overcome the problem is by practicing your planning skills. Make a short to-do list for a day and make maximum effort to accomplish all the points. This way, you will get time not only for top-quality essay writing but also for rest and entertainment.

Structure Issues

The structure of the paper is one of the critical aspects that is taken into account when it comes to the readability and efficiency of the essay. While some students know that the essay should consist of at least three parts, including an introduction, body, and conclusion, they have literally no idea how to divide the paper practically. Additionally, they have problems linking the sentences and creating a coherent and consistent text united by the same idea.

As the structure is a key, students should not neglect this point. It may be complicated to advance writing skills only by reading theoretical information. Instead, you should consider reading a few sample papers that will give you a better understanding of the structure and other peculiarities of the academic work.

Insufficient Knowledge

Do you lack competence in the area and have no idea what you should include in the paper? It is one of the most typical problems students face. In some instances, learners should only be more attentive during the classes so they do not miss critical information. However, in other cases, it will take much more time to browse the web in search of credible and relevant sources of topical data. If you are not ready to do profound research, you should simply ask your professor to change the topic and write an essay about something you are more familiar with.

Lack of Skills and Confidence

Little practice and the inability to create a well-structured paper from the very first attempt may be demotivating. Nonetheless, it is not the reason to give up attempts, as they are the way to success. The more you write, the more skilled you become, so you should continue working on your writing skills. Ask for help, look through sample papers and find other ways to become a more confident writer.