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Friday 19th August 2022

Top 5 Horse Racing Events You Need to Bet On

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Horse racing is one of the exciting events you can participate in. It presents several huge races where horses showcase their speed, and many fans are here for it. What makes it more exciting is that these events present wide-range betting opportunities to their viewers.

If you want to take a horse race betting a shot, here are the major championships you should watch.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is the first out of three legs of the Triple Crown series. It's one of the USA's prestigious horse racing events that showcase different horses to compete and bring home the Triple Crown.

Only up to 24 horses are eligible to run for the derby, and there are various ways they can run. The first option is accumulating at least 40 points, and completing a 100-point race can already secure a spot for the derby.

Next, they can participate in pre-derby races that present "wild card" races, where they'll be given the extra points to earn last-minute points to qualify. The last option is through the global invite for when the Kentucky Derby opens. It's a globally inclusive event called “Road to the Kentucky Derby,” open to Europe and Japan. Winners from this event will secure a spot to compete in the Kentucky Derby.

The Kentucky Derby usually starts on the first Saturday of May every year. Moreover, the 2022 prize pool was $3 million, bagged by the thoroughbred horse Rich Strike. If you plan to participate in the race, you can check out to see who'll have the better odds of winning the derby next.

Preakness Stakes

Next to this list is the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Preakness Stakes. It's as big as the Kentucky Derby in the U.S., and this event takes place on the third Saturday of the same month, May. Fans can have a month-long undying excitement thankfully for The Triple Crown.

The qualifications for the Preakness Stakes are rather different compared to the derby. Unlike the points system, the stakes will focus on the horse's winnings and standings during the Kentucky Derby.

In short, the stakes only accept top horses in graded stakes and the top 5 finishers of the derby two weeks prior. Additionally, the winner for the 2022 Preakness bagged $1.65 by Early Voting. Unfortunately, there's no new Triple Crown winner this year.

Belmont Stakes

Finally, the last leg for the Triple Crown is the Belmont Stakes. Out of the three-leg races, the Belmont Stakes is called the "Test of the Champion," where the best out of top graded horses gather. The top 3 from Kentucky Derby or Preakness Stakes can secure a spot to run for Belmont Stakes if they wish to. It's such a prestigious event that there were only eight horses that were able to run for the 2022 stakes.

The horses need to run a full lap of Belmont park with its large and wide track, sweeping turns, and long homestretch. To win on this track, the horse and the jockey need to be strategic when pushing their power and energy.

The legendary horse racer Secretariat set a record of 2:24 for the one and a half miles while winning by 31 lengths. No other horse broke this record for 46 years, making fans wonder whether Belmont Stakes was a challenging course or whether Secretariat was the best horse of the century.

Moreover, the Belmont Stakes occur every first or second Saturday in June, just three weeks after the Preakness Stakes.

Breeders' Cup

The Breeders' Cup World Championship is another annual series of horse races. The Grade I Thoroughbred participates in 14 breeders' races to determine the best of the thoroughbreds of different sexes and ages over various distances and surfaces.

Unlike the Triple Crown races, the venue for the Breeders' Cup changes every year, and any horses from around the world can participate as long as they are qualified enough. As such, you can expect the field to be filled with highly competitive, eligible older horses. What's more, the winner can win a minimum of a million dollars, which already tells you how fierce the races can be.

Travers Stakes

Often regarded as the "Midsummer Derby," Travers Stakes is one of the highlights of the U.S. horse racing events. This race is the oldest significant stake, with one ¼-mile race at Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs. It's a tough race on a dirt track and only qualifies 3-year-old Grade I Thoroughbred horses.

Moreover, a notable moment with Travers Stakes is that out of four Triple Crown winners that participated in this event, only one won the race in 1941. Thoroughbred Whirlaway has made this history an unforgettable moment in the whole history of Travers Stakes.

Final Thoughts

These races are notable horse racing events that you can enjoy watching and earning. If you miss your favourite event, you still have another chance to participate next year. As you wait, you can watch how the following events flow and formulate how you'll choose your contender—until then, preparing now would be the best choice.

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