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Tuesday 30th August 2022

Basics to Know to Start Riding a Horse

Everyone had dreams about horses as a child. It's hard to imagine a kid who didn't want to own his own pony as a child. As we get older, dreams of the free wind, the clatter of hooves, and the developing mane seem ridiculous and unattainable for a city dweller. Along with this the realization that it's expensive to engage in "royal sports" comes. Many people believe that only those who hit a jackpot in real online pokies NZ or are a millionaire. In fact, equestrian sports are available to you and your children. In addition to the pleasure of a dream come true, horseback riding will give you muscle tone, improve your well-being and improve your health.

Physique for Equestrian Activities

Preferably, the rider's weight shouldnt exceed 70-80 kg. However, even tall people can achieve success in riding "for themselves" (outside of sports competitions), but it takes longer to study.

The main diseases that can interfere are chronic and severe disease of the joints, spine. The rest is worth checking with your doctor and trainer.

What to Buy in Advance


Many large equestrian clubs provide a helmet for rent (free of charge), but you should ask about their availability by phone. If you do not have a helmet, it's mandatory to buy one, otherwise no good club will let you out on the arena.


This is the most stringent element of the rider's outfit. For beginners ordinary boots with a heel and without a smooth sole will do. However, if the boots have a zipper, you will have to use cuffs (they can also be given to you in the stable, if they are available).

How do you get your shoes on for the class?
  • Your own boots and leggings.

  • Special boots and leggings

  • Rubber boots with heels. 

  • Riding boots.


For the first time you can practice without them, the main thing is to choose clothes without rigid seams and the one in which you can easily bend your legs (jeans are strictly not suitable). Moreover, the pants should fit the leg. In the future, it's desirable to purchase breeches - it's a matter of comfort in the saddle, safety and productivity of the exercise.


They are needed to avoid bloody hands (this can happen if the horse likes to pull the bridle). For the first time, you can replace them with any autumn gloves.

That's all that is needed. In cooler seasons, you can wear a vest or jacket. If the neck is cold, a scarf that doesn't hinder head movements (turning the head with an offset center of gravity of the body is one of the elements of controlling a horse).