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Wednesday 17th September 2022

How Horse Racing has Evolved in the Gambling Industry

Horse racing is an exciting competition between two or more horses driven by riders. The goal of each participant is to come to the finish line first. Because of the widespread popularity of such entertainment, underground betting organized by random people began in ancient times. Over time, the demand for such betting grew, constantly acquiring new forms. Later, betting organizations reached a new level, and totalizators appeared.

Gambling houses actively promote this type of leisure, paying tribute to history. Many online casinos in Canada have betting on horse racing in their catalog.

Horse racing: from the Olympic Games to the progressive online casino Canada

One of the most famous sports in the Olympic Games was horse racing. The atmosphere of excitement reigned at every second of the event, and all participants watched with bated breath as the horses raced. In addition to the grand events, the inhabitants of that time liked to organize local races and bet on the winner. Before this process turned into full-fledged online gambling, many evolutionary stages, thousands of years long, had to be overcome:

  • Olympic Games in Greece
  • Fall of the Roman Empire
  • 15th-century America
  • Britain in the 17th century
  • 18th century France
  • 19th century Germany
  • World fame in the 20th century
  • 21st-century digitalization and online gambling

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Olympic Games in Greece

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of the Olympic Games to ancient Greek society. As far back as 700 years, B.C. people had the opportunity to observe the legendary event known today. Equestrian sport is an integral part of the Olympic Games. This discipline was often accompanied by betting and, in fact, formed the now-famous sports betting with online gambling. People would verbally agree, determining betting amounts and winning conditions.

Fall of the Roman Empire

After the fall of the Roman Empire, there was a significant decline in the popularization of horse racing. For quite a long time, the sport was in decline, remaining on the lips of only some countries.

15th-century America

The development of navigation and the thirst for colonization led to the discovery of a vast continent. Spanish explorers actively seized new territories and imported ample resources, including horses. The formation of new settlements was accompanied by creating a culture of its own, where equestrianism rapidly gained popularity from the late 15th century. The main achievement of such colonization was a unique breed of horse called the Mustang. 

Britain in the 17th century

The 17th century saw a real breakthrough in equestrian sports. The impetus for online gambling was a new horse breed with unique physical parameters. At this point, betting on horse races became very popular, attracting the interest of all segments of society and spreading to other countries.

18th century France

This period is characterized by the active establishment of racecourses throughout Britain and the drawing of France into the equestrianism maelstrom. Horses were brought into the neighboring state, allowing horse racing to develop rapidly and gather large audiences.

19th century Germany

The period of the 19th century is characterized by a significant increase in the popularity of equestrian sports. Most serious competitions were accompanied by clear documentation and records of the characteristics of the participants and their horses. During this period, equestrian sport became an occupation for successful people and reached a new level.

World fame in the 20th century

The 20th century period is known for the increased expansion of the list of countries in which equestrian sports and betting on horse races are popularized. The whole process became competently organized, which made it possible to achieve transparency of the totalizator's work and increase people's confidence in betting.

21st-century digitalization and online gambling

In the 21st century, the number of new technologies has greatly increased, making the betting process noticeably simpler. Now, most gambling disciplines are conveniently packaged in a whole platform with easy access to each type of entertainment. Many online casinos in Canada are ready to offer their customers betting on horse racing. The procedure can now be done from a smartphone in a few clicks.
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Stages of the formation of online gambling discipline betting

Period Name Period age


Olympic Games in Greece

700 BC

Horse racing is one of the most popular Olympic disciplines

Fall of the Roman Empire


Horse racing is losing popularity due to the global restructuring of society

15th-century America


Colonization of the Americas allows for the formation of new settlements with their own culture and love of the race

Britain in the 17th century


The emergence of a new breed of sport horses

18th century France


Popularization of equestrian sports in France

19th century Germany


Popularization of equestrian sports in Germany.A new level of gambling business

World fame in the 20th century


Worldwide popularization of horse racing and betting.

21st-century digitalization and online gambling


Betting on horse racing is available as part of online gambling

A necessary memo

Always be aware of the negative aspects of gambling and the possibility of losing all the money you bet. Be prepared for any outcome, and don't get desperate. Plan your budget correctly so that such spending does not become critical for you.

Do not use credit cards for online gambling, and manage only your own money. Only gamble if you are at least 21 years old.