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Friday 14th October 2022

Can You Bet Online? Here Are 5 Ways to Participate

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If you've been participating in horse racing bets for a long time, you must be delighted to know that you can finally enjoy horse wagering without stepping out of your house. You can now have a lazy betting Tuesday where you can place stakes without getting out in the morning–this comfort is the result of recent innovations. The only thing you'll need now is the internet, and to help you finally get started, here are five ways to help you participate.

Decide What Horse Race to Participate

In case you didn't know, horse racing has one of the best racing event calendars. They have year-round horse races annually, and many horses participate. Alongside this are several bettors that look forward to the finishers.

As such, to start your very convenient horse race betting participation, you'll need to determine what horse racing event you're planning to wager. First, most horse racing fans look forward to the new Triple Crown winner, a horse that has won all three top horse racing events in the United States. To learn more, here is a brief list of top racing events you need to take note of.

  • Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby is the first leg (out of three) for the Triple Crown of the Thoroughbred in the United States of America. It's a very prestigious event that many horses attempt to finish first. The Kentucky Derby usually starts on the first Saturday in May annually. It's also considered the most prestigious American horse racing.

  • Preakness Stakes. Next for the Triple Crown is the Preakness Stake, another thoroughbred horse racing event. The only way horses can participate in this event is by ranking among the top in the graded stakes of horse racing, finishing within the Top 5 in the Kentucky Derby, or based on the horse's lifetime earnings.

  • Belmont Stakes. Last but not least, but also probably the hardest among the Triple Crown races, is the Belmont Stakes. The field stretches up to one and a half miles and only has a few runners compared to the other two. Just this year, only eight horses were qualified to run. Unfortunately, no horses have become a candidate for the Triple Crown.

  • Breeders' Cup. This is a global horse racing event that attracts international fans. It's a two-day event comprising several horse racing contests where many horses come from worldwide. It's as prestigious, if not more than, the Triple Crown.

These four events are only the most popular and most common horse racing events that take place annually. There are far more horse racing contests that you can look forward to.

Moreover, knowing what events to participate in allows you to prepare for how the race will unfold. This means that your breeders cup betting strategies may be very effective at that event but may not be as effective for the Belmont Stakes. As such, it takes mastery, research, and patience to familiarize the ways of every championship. That's why some bettors might recommend focusing on one event at a time.

Find Out if Your State Allows Horse Race Betting Online

This might come as a surprise, but although your state allows on-site horse racing bets, they may not be as lenient regarding wagering online. Now, isn't that a bit confusing? Thus, before you start entirely with anything, you should probably start by ensuring that your state promulgates online betting for horse racing, or else you could face charges that may ruin your record.

However, if you ever desire to bet online but your state doesn't allow it, you can try visiting another state that does. This isn't completely illegal since once you step foot on their boundary, you're now under their jurisdiction, which means their law protects you, and in return, you have other laws to respect.

Find a Reliable and Secure Sportsbook

If you've found out that your state is okay with betting on horse racing online, then now you should concern yourself with finding a reliable and secure sportsbook. The sportsbook is responsible for accepting bets and releasing payouts online. So, you'll need to sign up for one to be able to place your stakes.

Signing up means giving out your personal information; since it's a gambling site, it also means depositing money to your account. So, any signs of security compromise will put your information and money at risk.

That’s why finding a reliable sportsbook is crucial if you're planning to bet online. You can check their credibility by finding a license on their site that shows they're eligible to regulate bets. Also, you can try reading reviews and feedback online on blogs or social media sites.

Place Your Stakes

After figuring out what event to participate in, signing up for a sportsbook, and depositing your bankroll, it's time to place your stakes. You'll only have to hover your mouse or click a few buttons.

The types of bets that you can place will vary by the sportsbook, but you can depend on Win, Place, Show, and other Exotic wagers to be present. If you have other special types of bets that you're planning to participate in and are unsure if your sportsbook offers them, then ensure to contact the site or the sportsbook.

Final Thoughts

Betting online doesn't have much difference when betting on site, but it guarantees so much convenience. So, many people are switching to betting online rather than the latter. If you're one of the people slowly transitioning to online, then use this article as a guide to help you on your horse race betting journey.

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