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Friday 11th November 2022

Why Men Are More Interested in Gambling Than Women in the UK

‍Gambling is known to be a game that combines both skills and luck, in which some people are quite fortunate enough to have special skills in this regard. Most people who play casino games with free spins no deposit UK are just regular gamblers who enjoy playing one or two poker games, either as a hobby or to pass the time. Considering the fact that gambling has been in existence for centuries, with men having been much more interested in gambling than women in the UK, there is a need to look into the reason for this. Although gender bias is not quite a great idea, most people still tend to pitch each sex against one another.

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While most people feel that gambling does not have anything to do with gender, there are still instances where we tend to compare them together. Generally, men and women who are interested in gambling make use of unique approaches and strategies. Firstly, let's take a look at the difference between male and female gambling.

Men vs Women Gambling in the UK: What’s the Difference?

Taking a look at the approach of men and women towards gambling, there is various in-depth research that has been performed to examine this fact, which is as important as the government backing crypto. Considering one such research by Stoltenberg S refers to how men's and women’s gambling patterns differ. Most people might see this as prejudice, but Stoltenberg employed the use of accurate data, which concluded that men in the UK are known to be more interested in gambling than women, and they tend to win massively while at the same time experiencing huge losses.

Considering other research carried out by Winters, he was able to pinpoint that gambling is actually very popular. The research shows that 91% of men in the UK and 84% of women have come into contact with at least one form of gambling or the other. According to Winters, he noted that men have proven to have more interest in gambling compared women. The only major difference between men and women gamblers is that men are more likely to engage in some form of gambling, despite the fact that both genders appear to be fairly exposed to it.

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  • Who is a better gambler? Although both men and women are quite exposed to gambling at the best online casino to a certain extent, we will need to look at some real-world examples to determine who is the better gambler. Taking a look at the top poker live winnings list in the Hendon Mob, Daniel Negreanu comes out on top, with a total prize of $42 million. Not many women have been recorded to come close to this.
  • Who is the better bluff when gambling? While some of the best online casino games, such as lottery and bingo, are known to be quite social in nature, others are more about ego. The game of poker is a good example. Statistics have shown that men are less likely to admit defeat in this game when compared to women due to the fact that they perceive it as a slap in the face of their masculinity.
  • Who gambles more? Research has shown that women who gamble tend to wager for an extended period of over 21 months when compared to men who take about 14 months. Although men may bet for a shorter period of time, they tend to spend twice as much time on gambling-related activities and have more occurrences of gambling than women.

Why Men Are More Interested in Gambling Than Women in the UK

In order to settle the facts, there is a need to have an in-depth understanding of why men are more interested in gambling at the best online casino like with no deposit bonus when compared to women.

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Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons for this:

  • The social aspect. Gambling offers men a more social experience. Gambling can be an interactive event, whether it’s a poker night at a friend’s place, attending a casino party, or a group of friends visiting a sports game and placing bets. Amongst men, gambling with real money tends to make the experience more thrilling and competitive, which makes it more enjoyable. Some men do not even watch a game unless a bet has been placed on it. This experience can be quite challenging for women, as only a limited number of women are known to gamble. So, the social aspect might not really be an advantage for them.
  • The high risk involved. Generally, it is a natural thing for men or women to want to take a certain amount of risk. However, men are able to handle a higher level of risk regarding an uncertain outcome. The prospect of winning, regardless of how much a person has lost, is enough to keep men from coming back. The more money wagered, the greater the risk, which heightens the excitement that men in the UK get when they gamble. For women, that is not always the case, as they have a reserved nature that limits the amount of risk they can take.
  • To kill time. Men tend to enjoy gambling due to the fact that it enables them to pass the time. Killing time is a major factor that causes many gamblers to return to betting whenever they have some free time as a reason to like gambling. Men who gamble typically have spare time, and they find gambling to be a more accessible and easier-to-master pastime than any other hobby. They don't have to learn a sport and practice; all they have to do is start playing right away from the comfort of their own home. Compared to women in the UK, men usually clear their heads through gambling.
  • To become successful. Although women also want to be successful, only a few of them see gambling as a means of being successful. However, men are more interested in gambling as they look for ways to beat the house edge and invest a small amount of money with a massive potential return. This makes it a fast method for them to become successful and has worked for only a few of them. Even smaller winnings tend to motivate gamblers to continue playing casino games like online slots with no deposit bonus despite their losses, as there is a chance of them winning big again.
  • As a source of entertainment. Another reason why men are more interested in gambling mobile slots at dollar deposit casinos than women in the UK is the entertainment that they get from it. As a reason for men to enjoy gambling, entertainment can have a significant impact on players' willingness to continue gambling because they are having fun while doing so. Some people gamble with their friends, in which case it becomes a part of the party and a part of having fun. Claiming bonuses and rewards from casinos such as Freshcasinobonus, a respected online gambling site, can also increase players' enthusiasm for their wagers. The variety of games, as well as their various designs and themes, contribute to the feeling of being entertained, which is why more male gamblers enjoy gambling for fun than women.

Top 5 Richest Gamblers in the World and Their Net Worth

Following that, men are more interested in gambling at the best payout online casino and getting a casino bonus when plating free slot games. There are various people who have made quite a fortune from gambling around the world. From playing blackjack, poker, horse racing, baccarat, craps, and lots more. Below is a list of the top richest gamblers and their net worth.


Net Worth

Bill Benter (Blackjack and Horse Racing)

$1 Billion

Edward Thorp (Baccarat and Blackjack)

$800 Million

Billy Walters (Sports Betting)

$250 Million

Phil Ivey (Poker)

$100 Million

Chris Ferguson (Poker)

$80 Million

The Major Advantages Associated With Gambling

Gambling has existed in various cultures and most parts of the world for a long time, and it is as exciting as Victorian gambling looking for CIO. Nonetheless, it remains divisive. How often do you hear people extol the virtues of gambling? The majority of the time, the focus is on the negative consequences of gambling. Here, we will be taking a look at some of the advantages that both men and women in the UK derive from gambling.

  • Make More Money: The major aim for people who play casino games with free spins is to win money. This is one of the benefits derived from gambling. However, winning is not always guaranteed, but there are always people that win through gambling. Gambling can be quite a lucrative activity, but only if done correctly. Those who understand the benefits of casinos and have a gambling strategy or tactics and techniques to help improve their chances of winning.
  • Easy and Convenient to Begin: The UK gambling can come in various forms, as it is not only limited to casinos and sportsbooks. Kids also learn to play cards at a tender age, and most people enjoy watching sports games and predicting the winner. Anyone can win at a gambling game, and anyone can play it. Although there are games designed for advanced players, as a beginner, there are also games suitable for you to enjoy playing.
  • Wide Range of Game Selection: As a professional or novice gambler, there are various games for you to select from. Gambling can be categorized into two types: skill-based and chance-based. There are several types of gambling, including sports betting, casino gambling, and coin flipping. The wide range of game selections is another benefit of gambling.
  • Skill Enhancement: Gambling has proven to help enhance a variety of skill sets, ranging from improving pattern recognition to improving math skills. Real-money casino games such as blackjack also encourage the use of strategies, which improves critical thinking.

If gamblers prefer to play poker it will be interesting for them to read about payout percentage vs house edge.

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Disadvantages of Gambling Amongst Men and Women

The main disadvantage or drawback of gambling for most people can be an addiction. Placing bets tends to stimulate the brain receptors that cause a pleasurable feeling for the gambler. Some individuals are hardwired to need that chemical hit over and over. Some argue that these people would have become addicted to something else regardless and that gambling was just the catalyst.

In any case, anyone thinking about gambling should set a budget that they can afford to lose. Always be on the lookout for signs of problem gambling and seek help as soon as the gambling is no longer enjoyable. There are numerous tools and organizations available that are eager to assist. Other disadvantages include:

  • The odds are against you.
  • Losing money.
  • High risk involved.


In conclusion, gambling can be quite thrilling and potentially lucrative when indulged responsibly. When considering the reason why men are more interested in gambling than women, this article has listed all that is to know. You can also look through the advantages and disadvantages associated with gambling.