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Wednesday 5th November 2014
A trading app that’s great for horse racing betting markets

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Anyone who places regular bets will probably already have started using a betting exchange like Betfair. As well as being able to secure the best odds on the market, the benefit of using an exchange is that you can lay bets as well as place them. But for those people who like to place multiple bets at a time, it’s worth investing in a betting app subscription in order to make your customised betting systems work like clockwork.

If horse racing betting is your main focus then an app like Traderline can really help you when trading bets on Betfair. Although Traderline has been developed to cover all markets, it has a set of horse racing tools which will make it even easier to place and lay bets in horse racing. Whether it’s for a big racing event like the Melbourne Cup or just any regular race day, the app works equally well.

Even if people are just starting out in trading bets when they first download a trading app, the apps like Traderline are very intuitive, so people can teach themselves how to use them really quickly. As the Traderline app is available as a 30 day free trial, it means a user has plenty of time to test out different betting systems and see how effective it is for their particular style of betting.

Most people who trial a trading app look back and wonder how they managed without them. The advantages of being able to look at multiple markets at once, place one-click trades and have a rapid refresh rate mean that using the apps gives them a considerable edge over other betting exchange users. For example, Dutching and Bookmaking modes allow you to place several bets at a time and the Multi-Market feature allows you to have several markets open for trading at any one time.

Of all the various features of Traderline, one of the most useful is that you can always switch to Training mode at any time, so that trialling a new betting system can be done using live Betfair data without placing real money bets. And once you’re confident in the system you’ve devised, you can then switch back to real money mode.

For someone who’s into bet trading, using an app like Traderline is a bit of a no-brainer, it’s only going to make life easier.

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