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Wednesday 18th May 2022

Basic aspects of horse racing betting. Is it really possible to make money on them?

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in a number of countries. USA, Australia, Britain, UAE, Ireland - this is just a small list of countries where horse racing is a mega popular phenomenon, and you can check interesting information about such sport on The development of horse racing in the United States could have been much faster if it were not for local state laws that prohibit betting activities.

Australia seems to have taken over the interest of its British friends, who are quite fond of them. And in the Emirates there are some of the best stables in the world, as well as some of the most expensive and prestigious races. The owners of these plants are the ministers of the UAE, so the races there are set at the state level, and all this must be multiplied by the level of security of this country.

It doesn't make much sense to talk about how the races go.

  • As in any other race, you need to come to the finish line first. Of course, there are different types of jumps.
  • You don’t need to know much here, just keep in mind: it’s far from a fact that a horse that successfully ran on the grass will later run fine, say, on the sand.
  • This fact must be taken into account when analyzing horse races.

horse race

The main numbers in the check-in card

The key here is the shape of the horse. That is, the places that she occupied in previous races. The more prizes, the better for us. But in addition to places, you also need to take into account the level of these races. The races themselves are of different types: for beginners, maidens, etc. Google it if you're interested.

The important thing here is that if a horse takes good places in beginner races, this is not a guarantee that, say, everything will be ok in Maiden. It is better to look at the speed of the distance, although this is not the key point, because depending on the course of the race, the horses may not show good speeds during the race, but only demonstrate the finishing spurt. It depends on the specific run.

Distance is just as important. It is important that your horse runs such distances earlier in the race. If you see that a horse specializes in something else (which happens quite rarely), there is reason to think: is it really worth taking it?

The numbers under the jockey's clothes are the days since the last start. This is a very subtle point. Yes, horses get tired too and need rest. If the horse improves his results, then you don't have to worry: everything will be alright. But if the horse often runs, the results even begin to deteriorate a little in the projection for several races, then it is better not to take even the favorite in this case.

Much more interesting is what happens to horses during long breaks. And anything can happen to them: a change in the shape of a horse can occur dramatically. Breaks happen and much more than a year. Bookmakers are afraid of such situations and, as a rule, give inflated odds on such horses. It happens that a cool horse does not perform for a very long time, and then, for, say, a coefficient of 3-5, tears opponents absolutely easily. These horses need to be caught. The subtle moment when a horse changes owner and trainer during a break, such horses are best avoided: it is not clear what to expect from them.

Bet types

I am not an adherent of the opinion that you need to bet on one strategy and on the same and use the same types. I believe that all options are possible. I'll write down what I'm betting on.

  • Betting on the winner is a classic. Finding a winner in a race (especially where there are 3-4 participants of approximately equal odds) is an art. And even more fun is to find a winner - an underdog with odds from 15 to 53 (and I have had this too)
  • Place betting. Wider range of winning places for the participant. I rarely use it, but some people like it.
  • Each way. The most popular betting option.
  • Who is higher? Or fights between 2 horses. Everything is transparent: the one who comes above takes the money.

I do not adhere to any strict strategy. But many of the classic strategies work.

Can and should I bet on something other than Britain?

You can. I recommend betting those places where you can actually find up-to-date statistics. First of all, this is Britain (easier than ever), Australia, South Africa, UAE (already more difficult, if necessary, to write in the comments or in person). For the USA (despite the number of races that are held there), information is not easy to find. Either I'm crooked, or there really aren't that many statistics. Rather, it is, but not structured, which is pleasing to the eye and easily perceived.

Now about the need. That's your business. For example, I often have enough British ones: they go at a convenient time, there are a lot of them. Sometimes I upload to Australia.

horse race


At the end, you need to think about luck. This is true for all sports. It is not always the case that the best horse in a race wins. This is fine. In barrier races there is always a risk of falling (so taking odds like 1.1-1.3 in them is not my thing). Some privateers specifically put on horses that fall. It happens like this: the horse goes first confidently, but falls at the last barrier. That is, she has the potential for the 1st place and the coefficient will subsequently be overestimated. The more bets you place, the luck/bad luck factor decreases. With all this, you should not bet on every jump. You need to take those horses whose potential is clearly visible. Believe me, this happens not only with horses for odds 1.1 - 1.3.

I hope you are somehow interested. It's nice to look at the races, it's nice to bet. It is not easy to analyze them, but this is only at first. If you follow my advice, get used to it, then everything will work out for you.

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