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Saturday 23rd July 2022
How Sheep Skin Saddle Pads Can Help Horse Performance

Sheepskin pads are saddle pads that have sheepskin linings either on both sides of the pad or only on the withers and the area around the saddle gusset. Sheepskin pads can either cover both sides of the pad or just the withers and the area around the saddle gusset. Pads made of sheepskin are frequently utilized in English saddles.

There are also saddle pads with a sheepskin lining, which can provide additional padding in specific saddle parts. Most horse racing enthusiasts use these kinds of saddle pads. It's to help their horses overcome the burdens and stress in every racing activity.

One helpful tool used by owners and riders to provide their horses with ease, minimize burden, and avoid discomfort is to use sheep skin saddle pads for horses. It has many advantages to the horse's physical stability in all its activities.

The saddle pad thickness, size, and style of these saddle pads depend on the activities of the horse and the rider. Some use thick sheepskin saddle pads to give horses the freedom to move around in their environment to stay healthy.

Sheep Skin Saddle Pads

Some Benefits Of Sheep Skin Saddle Pads

Walking, trotting, cantering, running, jumping, and turning are some of the motions and activities that your horse may engage in. In these activities, you need to have your horse adequately geared up and help reduce sores and stiffness, especially if they're in the most competitive world of horse racing.

The following are some benefits of sheep skin saddle pads:

1. It Reduces Pressure

The need to reduce pressure and discomfort is genuine, especially in performance horses. Any equine actively ridden, taught, performing tasks and burdens are referred to as performance horses. But before they became performance horses, whether for racing or other occupations, they were first tamed and taught how to perform.

Horses are tamed by teaching them to move away whenever the rider applies pressure. They'll go forward if you squeeze your legs, applying pressure. Some show horses are trained with the 'spur stop' trick. It's where your horse slows down or stops depending on the force applied to them by its rider.

Horses are exceptionally sensitive creatures. They can readily sense the pressure from their rider, even though there’s occasionally none supplied to them. These horses will respond instantly and may even pull away because of the stress exerted by the burden on their backs.

That's why they need some specialized material for their saddle pads to minimize the pressure they feel while walking or running. This is why most owners have sheepskin saddle pads. These pads are soft, durable, and static-free. It reduces the pressures felt by horses for you to direct them well.

Good horsemanship not only means how well you ride but also how well you tame and take care of your horse.

2. It Makes Horses' Backs Cooler

Sheep Skin Saddle Pads
Horses tend to emit too much body heat, especially during activities or races. They need something to cool them off while on the run. The sheepskin wool is soft and comfortable as saddle pads. It's naturally designed to be cooler than other coverings. Natural sheepskin can absorb moisture that accumulates under the saddle.

It naturally wicks the moisture away from your horse's back and creates a natural air snag between your horse's skin and the pad where the saddle is placed. Thanks to this accessory, your horse will stay more relaxed in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Because of this pad, your horse can maintain its composure and optimal level of performance even if it’s participating in very taxing activities or a championship race.

3. It Keeps Away Sweat

Your horse sweats to cool himself down when the temperature is high during periods of exercise or stress such as when they’re being transported in a trailer. The horse's cooling isn't caused by the sweat on its skin. It's due to the evaporation of that sweat.

During its activities, the horses' muscles generate heat. The heat produced is a byproduct of energy metabolism. Because sheepskin is absorbent and airy, the sheepskin saddle pad effectively absorbs horse sweat. It'll also relieve stress and discomfort from your running mate.

Because of this, the horse can feel at ease and perform at its best, mainly when competing. Sweat is exhausting for horses. When they’re restless, horses will be less friendly and disturbed most of the time. Most often, they fail to heed the directions of their rider.

A soft, fluffy, and comfortable saddle pad will help maintain your horse's good racing condition. The rider can also benefit from using this kind of saddle pad because of its softness under the saddle. It gives comfort and durability even on long rides.

4. It Protects From Chaffing And Sores

A high-quality saddle pad is required for a saddle to be correctly fitted to a horse to reduce the risk of the animal developing friction sores. These cushions also keep your gear clean since they absorb sweat and filth from the area behind your saddle, which is otherwise difficult to keep tidy.
Studies demonstrated the significance of adding pad to your horse's saddle to reduce the amount of friction between the horse and the seat. Your horse may suffer from painful sores due to friction, which is why cushions are essential additions.

Because of the additional padding, the horses' mane and skin are protected from excess sweat and grime. Grimes and sweating are the factors that contribute to horse skin chafing. Keeping your equine companion cool, comfortable, and free of saddle sores is made possible by placing a saddle pad that’s both absorbent and pliable under the saddle.

Bottom Line

Whether your horse is included in your animals or beasts of burden, you must ensure they're comfortable performing well. Performance horses, especially those in horse racing, must be maintained well and provided with top-of-the-line gears to excel and achieve. Obtaining a sheepskin saddle pad for your horse will help you ensure that it'll give back all your efforts by winning titles for you or completing the tasks.

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