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Monday 7th November 2022

What Are The Best Tips to Win Horse Racing in 2022?

Did you know that horse racing is a quite popular sport to bet on? It’s quite impressive considering that it comes in 26th by the number of viewers. The thing is that horse racing is valued because people like to place wagers on it. Almost each person who watches a horse race bet on it whether via a bookmaker or at an online casino using GCash. But truth be told not many of them win!

Some people consider these bets as entertainment, so they don’t actually care about the outcome. But many bettors are eager to win. That is where we step in with the strategy of increasing your overall payouts!

Do you need a basic understanding of betting on horse races? Perhaps, you want to take your skills to the next level? In this article, we’d like to reveal some of the essential tips so that you will have the opportunity to become a successful bettor.

betting on horse races

1.     Learn the basics

According to each year people bet millions of dollars on horse races. But only a few of them do some research before selecting the supposed winners. Even a quick glance at the racing program before betting can increase your chances of winning. Learn more about the past performances! That way you can notice some correlations.

The racing form contains a ton of information. While some of that information is important, the rest isn’t. Once you have found out how to select the winners, take a look at the official ratings and the information about the course. It won’t take much time, but you will be surprised how much you have learned.

2.     Make various bets

The first thing that you should know is that bets are different all over the world. The thing is that horse racing has a very long history. Therefore, each country has developed its own system of wagers and rules.

Betting Systems

You need to know about the systems before getting into different kinds of bets. There are three main betting systems used in horse racing:

  • Fixed odds betting
  • Pari-mutuel or tote betting
  • Exchange betting allows people to choose a horse that won’t win.

Types of Bets

Apart from win bets, there are other types, such as:

  • Place bets are standard in every country. Basically, you choose a horse and win if that horse comes either first or second
  • Show stakes allow you picking a horse to finish in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position in a particular race
  • Across the board bets combine win, place and show stakes into one bet. If your horse comes first, you get a full payout. If it comes second, you get two-thirds, and third place gets you one-third of the payout.

Multiple Horse & Race Bets

You can also bet on different horses in the same race at It may be harder to win but for sure the payouts are higher. The ways to bet on two horses at a time are the following:

  • Exacta (dual forecast, perfecta, or exactor) bets
  • Quinella (reverse exactas, reverse forecasts or reverse perfecta) bets
  • Trifecta bets
  • Superfecta bets
  • Match-Up bets

To make an exacta bet, you choose the horses that may take the first and second places. In order to win, you have to guess both horses and their order right. A quinella bet is also about guessing the top two places. The difference is that you don’t have to guess the order right. Therefore, quinella bets are easier than exactas.

Trifecta is a bet on horses that are supposed to win the top three spots in a given race. A superfecta allows you to wager on the top four spots in a run. These are some of the most challenging bets but with impressive payouts when you do win.

In a match-up, the bookmaker offers you a pair of horses to choose the one that finishes first. With these bets, it doesn’t matter who wins the race. You only have to guess which horse will beat the other one.

Not only can you bet on multiple horses but also on numerous races. These bets don’t cost much, yet there are huge payouts. But the truth is that the higher the payout, the higher is the risk. Chances to win are low!

3.     Shop the Odds

Shopping the odds is an easy way to increase your overall payout. However, it doesn’t work on pari-mutuel betting. But if you opt for fixed odds, you can get the best value for your money. Check with an on-course bookmaker and 3-5 reputable online horse race betting sites to find out the odds for a given bet. Then just proceed with the option that gives you the highest chance of winning.

4.     Bet on Multiple Races

This strategy comes down to some simple probability: the more times you place a bet, the higher your chances to win are. If you bet on multiple races, you are a more successful gambler than others. In general, 70% of the total amount spent on horse race gambling in each year is paid during the Kentucky Derby.

Clearly, there are innumerous horse races to bet on. While betting on more races increases your chance to win, avoid placing a bet on every single one. Betting on each horse race isn’t fun and bad for your bankroll.

bet on horses

5.     Don’t Neglect Bankroll Management

We can’t emphasize the importance of bankroll management enough. It is the thing every bettor should learn, regardless of what they are gambling on. You must set a bankroll!

Before betting, check your financial situation. Make sure that you have enough money to pay your rent, bills, buy groceries and other things. Once you know how much money you can spend on gambling, consider it as your bankroll. Whether you put it into another account or take it out as cash, it can increase the chance of not spending more than that. If you start out with a limited amount of cash, you won’t overspend it.

The next step is to decide how much you can pay for each stake. If you do so beforehand, you will be able to resist the temptation to bet higher amounts.


Due to plenty of options, horse racing has become one of the best types of sports betting. The wagering on it is more exciting than the race itself. Millions of people bet on them each year. But only a few of them win big.
Hopefully, you have learned simple strategies to improve your betting skills. Some of these tips may seem odd at first, but if you start using them, they will bring you success. We wish you good luck on your next bets!

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