Biggest Stories of the Grand National
Friday 30th April 2021
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Grand National

The Grand National is one of the most essential jump races. It is undoubtedly the most valuable race in Europe that was able to fund the highest prize. In 2017, the award of the race was £1 million. It is arguably the highest prize for a horse jump race. Despite the recognition, the Grand National has more exciting things going on just like Royal Ascot 2021

This race takes place in Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool once every year. It is intense. There are many jumping obstacles for horses. The Grand National has some of the most unique jump obstacles for horses. Some may argue that it is hazardous for horses. Dangerous? Yes, but not too extreme. The authorities have scaled down the level of danger for the horse's safety.

But that did not crush the excitement of the race. Every year, almost 600 million people tune into this race on their TV. Let us tell you about some of the greatest stories of the Grand National.

Biggest Stories of the Grand National

Tipperary Tim, The Last Standing (1928)

The Grand National of 1928 was one of a kind. Some may not believe it, but 41 out of 42 houses and their riders could not finish the race. They fell midway and got eliminated from the race. What's more surprising is that Tipoerary's friend shouted that he would only win if all others fail. Imagine his friend's reaction when it came true. It turns out that the wet and misty condition was responsible for this incident.

Red Rum's Hat Trick (the 1970s)

Red Rum is the name of a legendary horse that has a golden history in the Grand National. This house is the only horse that has won three Grand National races. The first two wins were in 1973 and 1974—two consecutive victories. Then the final win was in 1977. Besides these three victories, this horse won second place in two other races. It is genuinely one legendary horse of the Grand National.

Bob Champion and Aldaniti (1981)

Speaking of overcoming your own demon, the story of Bob Champion And Aldaniti in the 1981 Grand National is the best example. Both the jockey(rider) and horse of this pair overcame the severe illness.
Bob Champion had cancer. But he overcame that illness. The horse named Aldaniti suffered from malnutrition and lack of care. He was suffering from chronic leg problems and had just recovered before the race.

Bob Champion rode Aldaniti in the Grand National of 1981 and, against all odds, won the race.

The Race That Never Was (1993)

It was a special day in the history of the Grand National. There was no winner, and there was no race. Everything was arranged perfectly but did not play out. All horses and jockeys were in place of start. But unfortunately, there was a false start. Many horses got themselves tangled in the tape. The race had to start again, and unfortunately, it did not play out well either.

It was another false start. But the flag for indicating the false start was not visible. As a result, there was confusion. Some remained at the beginning, and some went on. The final judgment was that the race never happened, and thus there was no winner.

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