The Top 10 Grand National Horses

Monday 2nd May 2022
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The Grand National is one of the biggest sporting events on the yearly calendar, with people tuning in and wishing on their horse from all over the world. This is one of the biggest events for bettors, with plenty of bets being placed. If you’re more into betting on red instead of a horse, check out the online casinos at to find the perfect betting site to bet at. There have been some incredible performances from top class horses throughout the years. Here, we will look at the top 10 Grand National horses of all time.

No 10: Mr Frisk 1990

Frisk by name, Frisk by nature - as he boasts the accolade of being the fastest horse to complete the course. He managed an astounding time of 8 minutes 47.7 seconds back in 1990.

Mr Frisk set a stonking pace from the outset with only Uncle Merlin coming close - six lengths clear of the rest. However, Uncle Merlin managed to lose his jockey and Frisk was alone, at the front of the pack, in isolation. He was challenged close to the end by Durham Edition, but battled it out and became the first horse to win the race in under 9 minutes - a great Aintree win.  

No. 9: Foinavon 1967

This is a race - and a winner permanently etched into race history - as they have named a fence after this famous horse. In 1967, Foinavon entered the race as a 100/1 outsider - given practically no chance of winning. The trainer and owner didn’t even bother going to watch! However, at the 23rd fence, a melee involving 28 out of the 40 runners meant that they refused the jump, fell or unseated their riders. Foinavon, behind enough to remain unaffected, took the jump and went ahead of the rest - and went 30 lengths clear. The rest, as they say, is history.

No 8: Amberleigh House 2004

This was a clear case of coming from behind at the last minute. Amberleigh House wasn’t even in the picture for the final fence - but the three front runners all lost steam right towards the end - and Amberleigh House simply flew past them right at the last knockings, recording one of the most memorable wins in the race ever. He ran the National a total of 5 times in total, but this was his best.

No 7: Mon Mome - 2009

Mon Mome entered the 2009 Grand National as a triple figure outsider. But, not only did he win it, but he won it by 12 lengths! He spent much of the race stalking the pace, before taking the lead at the final fence and flying clear. He would never replicate this success.

No 6: Don’t Push It 2010

This was a success for arguably the greatest jockey ever - that had yet to win the National. He had tried and failed 14 times - only ever managing 3rd place. However, 15th time lucky with Don’t Push It. It was quite the battle, but finally, he pushed the horse to an explosive win, making his own history - and course history.

No. 5: Red Marauder 2001

This is a race that will forever be remembered for its terrible conditions - with only four horses completing the race - although all horses and jockeys were OK. By the second circuit, only 9 were left, but more dropped as the race continued. Out of the few remaining horses, Red Marauder sewed up the race three from home - and won the slowest Grand National of 100 years. 

No 4: Neptune Collonges 2012

This made history as being the closest Grand National of all time, with little separating Neptune Collonges and Sunnyhillboy as they crossed the line. The judges took a minute and a half to decide which one had won by using the photo finish - making it one of the tensest endings to the race ever.

No 3: Red Rum 1977

Everyone knows Red Rum - and in 1977 he won his third Grand National by an astounding 25 lengths. He was already a household name  and this victory cemented his legend. To this day, he is the only horse that has ever won three Grand Nationals  - and 2 other second places. This was also the first Grand National with a female jockey.

No 2: Tiger Roll 2019

45 years after Red Rum won consecutive Nationals, along came Tiger Roll - who managed back to back wins in 2018 and then again in 2019. He may well have had a shot at the third win in 2020, but the Pandemic put a stop to this, so we’ll never know if he could have equalled Red Rum.

No 1: Red Rum 1973

Red Rum’s first win takes top spot as the Greatest Grand National win of all time. Won by Red Rum, it was equally lost by Crisp, who ran his best race ever, despite only coming second. As the race came to its close Crisp had a 15 length lead over Red Rum, but Red Rum started catching - and it was on the knife edge. However, Crisp dropped pace dramatically at the end and handed Red Rum his first win.

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