How to Get The Most From Your Trip to the Grand National
Wednesday 30th November 2022
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Albert Dock

There are plenty of famous horse races in the UK and beyond, but there's one that stands out above all others. The Grand National is the world's greatest steeplechase and has a long and celebrated history that is unique in the world of horse racing. 

It's no surprise that around 150,000 people attend the festival each year. If you're planning to be one of those people at the 2023 edition, read on. We'll run through some handy tips to help you get the most from your trip, including which ticket to buy, where to stay, and why you should use a betting offer to back a winner even if you're not a horse racing expert. 
You can always be sure to have a great time at the Grand National, but these tips will help make the event a little more special.

Buy the Right Ticket

There's more than one way to attend the Grand National. For one thing, it takes place over three days, so you can decide between attending on the Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. If you're only interested in the main Grand National race, the decision's made for you — it takes place on the Saturday. 

General admission tickets will give you access to the tattersalls, which is where all the atmosphere is, but if you want a slightly more VIP experience, buy a ticket for one of the enclosures.

Getting There

It's never a good idea to drive to the Grand National. You'll have difficulty parking, plus it's unnecessary since the racecourse is well served by trains from the city centre. 

If you're coming from other parts of the UK, look at getting the train to Liverpool Lime Street. It's only a couple of miles away from Aintree Racecourse and, again, is easier than driving. 

Alternatively, if you're keeping the theme of the 'VIP experience' going, you can always consider travelling by jet! 

Where to Stay

First thing first: if you know that you'll be attending the Grand National, get to work on booking accommodation. This is the biggest weekend in Liverpool, and hotel rooms book up quickly. 

In general, it's best to stay in the centre of Liverpool. As mentioned above, you can get to the racecourse in next to no time from the centre. Plus, that's where all the post-racing action takes place. If you're coming for the full experience, you definitely won't want to miss out on the fun. 

Ready for the Day

The Grand National is a lot of fun but it is a long day so it's best to be prepared. 

First, let's talk about shoes. The Grand National is your chance to go big and dress to the nines, but if you're wearing high heels, you'll begin to feel it at some point. Having a pair of flats in your bag is a good idea to give your feet a break throughout the day. 

Be sure to have a big breakfast before travelling to the racecourse. You can visit the festival's foodstalls when you get hungry, but you'll want to have enough food in your stomach to keep you going for the first few hours. 


A Focus on Horse Racing 

The Grand National may be seen as a social event, but it's primarily a sporting event. You don't need to know much, or anything at all, about horse racing to attend, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't get involved with the action. 

Free bet offers are a great way to back your chosen horse without any risk to you and, if nothing else, it'll give you a horse to cheer for!

After the Races 

The Grand National is the final race of the festival. The day doesn't end there, however — it's the start of the party element of the event. Get a train back into the centre of Liverpool and join your fellow racegoers in the city's many restaurants, bars, and clubs. 

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