Enjoy Aintree Grand National Horse Racing by Private Jet
Monday 21st November 2022
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Aintree Grand National Horse Racing by Private Jet

If you enjoy horses and horse racing, the Aintree Grand National Horse Racing Festival isn't something you want to miss. It consists of three entire days of horse racing between beautiful horses, ending with the Grand National.

The best way to make the most of your next holiday is to choose the celebrated event by visiting the Aintree Racecourse and taking advantage of the entertainment, adventure, and action. With Kull Jet Aero, travelling is made easy. Simply charter one of their private planes and reach the venue in no time!

About the Aintree Grand National Horse Race

The Aintree Grand National is every horse lover's dream. If your favourite pastime is watching horses compete on difficult racecourses, this one's for you. The race includes;

  • A race course that spans over 4.5 miles and includes 30 fences. These consist of Becher's Brook, Canal Turn, The Chair, and many more.
  • An audience that adds luxury to the atmosphere through high fashion.
  • Exclusive seating arrangements and hospitality.
  • Entertainment venues and multiple activities.
  • Nine Grade One races were conducted throughout the entire event.

Every horse race is an experience. However, this event can't be celebrated at home. It is one thing to watch the race on your television screen. But witnessing the spectacle in real time is an experience you won't want to miss.

Visit Aintree by Private Jet

As the world sets up their Smart TVs and laptops, we advise you to get on the internet and book that private jet!

Travelling by private jet allows you to;

✓ Kick back and stretch your legs as you have much more room to lounge.

✓ Relax, as there are much fewer interruptions on the flight.

✓ Get to your destination ahead of time to avoid the lines.

✓ Fly from multiple locations.

✓ Skip the queue as the plane waits for you!

The prestigious Grand National Festival should be toured in style. After all, the destination demands an equally glamorous journey. Chartering a private jet can help you get to your destination less stressfully. Witness the horse races in style as you emerge from the plane, relaxed and ready to have some fun.

The Kull Jet Experience

Kull Jet offers multiple private jets that can be availed depending on your unique needs. No matter the plane's size, comfort, or efficiency, Kull Jet has the variety you need.

✓ The private jet experience allows you to experience luxury through fine dining that can be ordered in advance from your favourite restaurants.

✓ It allows you to taste some of the finest beverages while the plane is in the air.

✓ Sip on champagne as the plane descends to arrive at the venue as light as a feather.

It is easy to book your private plane.

  • Start by selecting a private jet once you visit the Kull Jet website.
  • Add your dates and information.
  • Once you have booked the plane, you will receive an email confirmation or a call.
  • Any further requirements, such as meal reservations, can be done two weeks before the flight.

Fly to the Aintree Grand National Racecourse This April

As winter approaches, we look back to the summer and the days we wasted in the sun. Well, summer is just around the corner. Plan your summer trips in advance and book your private plane to the festival before it's too late!

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