Crystal Cup European Cross Country Challenge 2017
Crystal Cup

Congratulations to Patrice Quinton, winning trainer of The Crystal Cup 2017.

The Crystal Cup 2017

Date Location Country Prize
5th February Pau France €70,000
15th March Cheltenham  England €74,000
5th April Fontainebleau France €40,000
25th May Lion-d'Angers France €112,000
11th June Wroclaw Poland €40,000
29th August Waregem Belgium €100,000
3rd September Craon France €75,000
23rd September Merano Italy €40,000
8th October Pardubice Czech Republic €178,000
10th November Compiègne France €40,000
15th December Cheltenham England €48,000
Total €733,0000

Leading Trainer

Position Name Country Points
1st P Quinton France 50
2nd Mme I Pacault France 20
3rd G. Macaire France 16
3rd E Clayeux France 16
3rd Josef Vana Czech Republic 11
4th P Cottin France 9
4th G Elliott Ireland 9
5th E Bolger Ireland 8
6th E Leray France 7
7th Michal Borkowski Poland 6
7th A. Sannier France 6
8th Y Fertillet France 5
8th Radim Bodlak Poland 5
8th C. Dubourg France 5

Leading Owner

Position Name Country Points
1st Ecurie Des Dunes France 39
2nd Mme P Papot / Ecurie Mirande France 21
3rd JP McManus Ireland 13
4th Jana Preclikova JUDr Czech 12
5th Rene Tabart France 8
6th Magalen O'Bryant France 6
6th JP Moutafian France 6
6th G Macaire France 6
6th Michel Darchy 6
6th Wrbra Racing 6
6th Andre Sannier France 6
7th A Butler / S P O'Connor Ireland 5
7th Magalen O Bryant & Miss Amanda Zetterholm France 5

Leading Jockey

Position Name Country Points
1st T Beaurain France 24
2nd F De Giles France 16
3rd S. Paillard France 14
3rd J Duchene France 14
3rd C Lefebvre France 14
4th  A Gasnier France 14
5th J. Reveley England 12
6th D Cottin France 9
6th Olivier Jouin France 9
7th JJ Codd Ireland 6
7th B Lestrade France 6
7th R Julliot France 6
7th Jaroslav Myška Czech 6

Leading Horse

Position Name Points
1st Virtus D'Estruval 15
2nd Delight My Fire 14
3rd Taupin Rochelais 12
3rd Brise De Kerser 12
4th Amirande 10
4th Urgent De Gragaine 10
5th Baltiko Prince 8
6th Poligroom 6
6th Disco D'authie 6
6th Art And Co 6
6th Cause Of Causes 6
6th Parc Monceau 6
6th Posilox 6
6th Reki 6

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